Turkish military base in northern Iraq hit by shells

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A Turkish military base in northern Iraq was the target of a missile attack on Wednesday, an event that ended without casualties and whose authorship has been claimed by a pro-Iranian militia that has demanded the withdrawal of the «occupiers».

The Anti-Terrorist General Directorate of the semi-autonomous region indicated that eight projectiles were fired at the base, located in the province of Nineveh, before underlining that two of them hit the interior of the facilities, as reported by the Kurdish television channel Rudaw.

The Ahrar al Iraq Islamic Resistance Brigade militia has claimed to have launched 20 shells at the base. «We declare that our operations are continuing and are in continuous development. We will not stop until the immediate and total withdrawal of the occupier,» it said in a message on Telegram.

«If the occupier insists on staying, our operations will expand and attack military positions on Turkish territory. God is a witness to what we say,» he has pointed out after the attack on the Zilkan base, the target of several similar attacks over the past few years.

The Iraqi government has denounced on numerous occasions the presence of Turkish bases in the north of the country and the military operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and argues that there is no bilateral agreement between Baghdad and Ankara to justify these actions on the part of Turkey, which denounces that the Iraqi authorities do not act to contain the operations of the group.