Bolivia and Chile agree to reinforce one of their border crossings in the face of Peruvian blockades

Bolivian trucks cross the border with Chile – MINISTERIO DE EXTERIORES DE BOLIVIA

The governments of Bolivia and Chile have agreed this Tuesday to extend the attention of the Chungará-Tambo Quemado border crossing, located between the two countries, in order to unblock the passage of numerous Bolivian trucks stranded on the border with Peru due to the socio-political situation in which the latter finds itself.

This has been agreed by the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration of the Bolivian Foreign Ministry, Benjamín Blanco, and the Consul General of Chile in Bolivia, Fernando Velasco, all this after a visit to the pass between the two countries, which will have from this moment with reinforced security, as detailed by the Bolivian diplomacy in a statement.

«Continuing with the spirit of collaboration and joint work entrusted by our presidents (…) especially, after the contingency not attributable neither to Chile nor to Bolivia of the closure of the Desaguadero pass (between Bolivia and Peru), leaving a significant number of Bolivian trucks stranded», reads the jointly signed note, where the justification for the measure is explained.

Specifically, the service hours for trucks at the Chungará-Tambo Quemado border crossing will be extended by an hour and a half, and Bolivia will send three extra officials to the premises, with the purpose of applying the same measure for the control of buses.

Both countries will increase their staff at the Chungará-Tambo Quemado and Colchane-Pisiga border crossings, where sanitization activities at the complexes will also be stopped so as not to interrupt truck traffic.

At the same time, Bolivia and Chile are studying the possibility of enabling the Visvir-Charaña pass for the transit of empty trucks, as detailed in the letter.

Both delegations have reaffirmed their interest in holding a new version of the Border and Integration Committee between Chile and Bolivia this year, in order to give continuity and effectiveness to the treatment of these and other matters of border coordination and facilitation.