Trump vows to punish doctors, hospitals that provide gender reassignment care

Archive – Former U.S. President Donald Trump – Brandon Bell/ZUMA Wire/dpa

Former U.S. President Donald Trump vowed Wednesday that, if he wins the 2024 presidential election, he will punish doctors and hospitals that perform gender reassignment care.

In a video posted on his official Truth Social profile, Trump reiterated his intention to «protect children from gender madness,» a concept that, he says, has been pushed by the «radical left» in recent years.

«Under my leadership, this madness will end,» said Trump, who has made public a series of ultraconservative proposals aimed against transgender identities in the United States, according to The Hill portal.

Among these measures, in addition to punishing those who facilitate gender transition to people «of any age», Trump has also promised to prohibit the sending of state funds to cover these interventions.

He has also proposed to pass a law «in all 50 states» prohibiting minors from receiving medical care for gender reassignment, while he intends to order the Department of Justice to investigate the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals.

With these investigations, the former president wants to determine whether hospitals and pharmaceutical companies «deliberately» covered up the «horrible long-term side effects» that he says these gender transitions have in order to «get rich».

Already last year, during a rally, Trump lashed out at transgender women claiming that they should not be allowed to participate in women’s sports competitions and pointed to the general banning of men in «women’s sports.»

Former President Trump announced in mid-November that he would run for the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential election. Although not yet confirmed, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could be his main rival in the party’s primary.