Finland approves new trans law to speed up legal gender reassignment

Archivo – Parliament of Finland. – ALESSANDRO RAMPAZZO / SOPA IMAGE / ZUMA PRESS / CO

The Parliament of Finland has approved this Wednesday the new trans law by 113 votes in favor and 69 against, with the main novelty of the end of the bureaucratic and legal obstacles surrounding the process of gender reassignment.

The measure makes it easier for people over 18 years of age to declare their new sexual identity through a written request, whereas in the past it required a psychiatric evolution and a long medical process.

The law, a proposal of the government of the Social Democrat Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, also eliminates the requirement that these people cannot have offspring, according to Yle radio station.

Within the government coalition, of the 30 deputies of the Center Party, thirteen voted against, while in the opposition, of the 41 of the conservative National Coalition Party, up to 26 were in favor of the law.

Among the arguments against the law, the far-right Finns Party argued that criminals could try to hide their identity and men could avoid compulsory military service.