Brazil’s Liberal Party sues former minister Sergio Moro for electoral corruption

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Brazil’s Liberal Party (PL) filed a lawsuit on Wednesday before the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) against Sergio Moro, senator-elect for the Brazilian state of Paraná and former justice minister of former president Jair Bolsonaro, for electoral corruption.

The PL, party of the former Brazilian president, claims that the also former federal judge tried to circumvent the electoral legislation by renouncing to run as a candidate for the Brazilian presidential elections and run for the Senate, which would have led to exceed the campaign spending limit, as reported by the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

Moro would have spent 6.7 million reais (1.2 million euros) between the pre-campaign for the Presidency and the campaign for the Senate, being the total spending limit about 4.4 million (790,000 euros). Likewise, another reason put forward by Bolsonaro’s PL is that he used the remaining amount to leave the Podemos party and join Unione Brasil.

«The set of actions was orchestrated in such a way that, among other irregularities, he took advantage of the presidential campaign to, in a second moment, migrate to a formation with less visibility and a spending ceiling twenty times lower, taking with him all the advantages and benefits unduly accumulated», reads the text, collected by the aforementioned newspaper.

Bolsonaro and Moro had a disagreement in 2020 when the latter resigned from his position as head of the Ministry of Justice alleging that the former president was trying to interfere politically in the country’s Federal Police and wanted to «collect» information within the institution, such as intelligence reports.

A key player in the trial against the now president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for corruption within the ‘Lava Jato’ operation, earlier this year, Brazil’s Supreme Court confirmed that Moro as a judge acted with bias during a process that eventually resulted in a prison sentence for Lula, which was annulled, thus recovering his political rights.