Fernandez calls on CELAC countries to «defend institutions» in the face of the rise of the far right

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez – LUNA ALFREDO/TÉLAM

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, has urged the countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to «defend democracy and institutions» in the face of the rise of the far-right in the region.

«The ultra-right has stood up and they are threatening each one of the peoples, and we must not allow that recalcitrant and fascist right wing to put our peoples at risk,» said Fernandez in the framework of the CELAC summit in Buenos Aires.

Thus, the Argentine president celebrated Brazil’s re-entry into the regional bloc, an issue that makes CELAC «complete» and facilitates «the opportunity to unite the region». For Fernández this is «an imperative» that must be achieved.

Taking stock of the year during which he has been in charge of the pro-tempore presidency of CELAC, President Fernandez has valued having «taken the voice of Latin America to all corners of the world», and having put regional issues on the table of international forums.

«I have the peace of mind of having told the North that, while missiles are flying in the North, hunger is deepening in the South», added the President, who also praised the dialogue with Venezuela and his demand for the end of economic blockades to Latin American countries, according to Télam agency.

«These are very perverse methods of sanctioning peoples. Cuba has been under blockade for six decades and it is unforgivable, Venezuela has been under blockade for six decades. We have to make integration a reality, we have to make integration actions that allow us to move forward and progress», emphasized Fernández.