The president of the Peruvian Judiciary asks Boluarte for vigilance in justice institutions

Protests in Arequipa, Peru – Lucas Aguayo Araos/dpa

The president of the Peruvian Judiciary, Javier Arevalo, has asked President Dina Boluarte on Monday that the Armed Forces guard the country’s judicial headquarters in the context of the protests, which have resulted in 14 attacks and seven fires against their buildings.

«I have decided to address by means of an official letter to the President of the Republic to request that the Armed Forces guard the judicial premises and I hope that the Presidency of the Republic will give us its support», said Arevalo in a press conference.

He also expressed his condolences for the victims of the protests and deplored the use of violence, as well as the destruction of public and private property. In this way, he said that the attacks against judicial institutions are an «attack» against their normal functioning.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, assured on public television that «there is financing» behind the protests in Peru, referring to the demonstrators as «a minority group agitated by leaders who do not show their faces».

In an attempt to tackle the protests, the Peruvian National Police has requested the immediate purchase of 230,000 grenades and tear gas cartridges, in addition to 665,000 anti-riot items, according to a request from the logistics division to which ‘La Republica’ has had access.

The resignation of Boluarte, as well as the calling of early elections, are some of the demands of the thousands of people who since December of last year have been demonstrating, more and more virulently, throughout the country due to the arrest of former president Pedro Castillo.