Brazilian footballer Dani Alves, how his first days in prison are going

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Dani Alves has been in conditional prison without bail since he testified before the judge last Friday for his alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old girl on December 30 at a well-known nightclub in Barcelona.

Although he denies the facts, his contradictions during his statement – changing his version up to three times – and the high risk of flight as there is no extradition treaty with his native country, Brazil, have caused the magistrate to decree his immediate entry into the Brians 1 prison, in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, awaiting trial.

Something that the former Barça and Sevilla player, among other teams, did not expect and that has left him literally shattered, as revealed in ‘Fiesta’. According to prison officials with whom the program of the Spanish channel Telecinco has been able to speak, the first hours of Alves in prison have been complicated. The Brazilian, who occupies a single cell, is said to be ‘in shock’ and, while he rethinks his legal strategy and asks to return to testify before the judge, he is barely eating food – beyond some fruit – and has to shower in cold water.

In addition, he would be incommunicado, since at the police station – where he went voluntarily last Friday to give his version of events – his cell phone would have been withdrawn and he has not made any calls from prison because he does not remember the number of any of his loved ones.

Meanwhile, his family has broken their silence and, completely dejected and unable to believe what is happening, have expressed their desire to change their lawyer to prove Dani’s innocence, since they believe that the footballer would be incapable of doing something like this and believe that he has been the victim of a trap.

The statement of the alleged victim.

Regarding the 23-year-old girl who denounced Alves for sexual assault, for the moment her identity is unknown, but it has transpired that she has rejected any type of economic compensation from the Brazilian since she does not want her money but to see him in prison.

His account of what happened on December 30 in the Sutton room, very hard and without contradictions, leaves the husband of Joana Sanz in a very complicated situation. According to her, she arrived at the discotheque around 2 am, and was in the VIP area with some Mexican guys she had met shortly before when a waiter told them that the footballer wanted to meet them and, shortly after the introductions, he would have stood behind her, taken her hand and put it on her private parts. Minutes later he took her to the toilets and there he allegedly abused her. He first tried to make her perform fellatio and, when she resisted, he slapped her before violently penetrating her.

A version that Dani Alves has denied, although the security cameras of the room corroborate that the defender led the girl by the hand to the toilets of the VIP area, where both were 16 minutes. The complainant has provided as evidence not only the medical report from the hospital where she went after the alleged assault, but also the dress she was wearing that night and that, apparently, would be analyzed to check for biological remains of the footballer.