Morocco reopens embassy in Iraq after 18 years of absence

Archive – The Moroccan Foreign Minister, Naser Bourita – Europa Press/Contacto/DIRK WAEM

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and his Moroccan counterpart, Naser Bourita, participated together on Saturday in the reopening of the Moroccan Embassy in Baghdad, after 18 years of inactivity.

The embassy closed its doors in 2005 and was transferred to Jordan due to «deteriorating security conditions» in Iraq, the Moroccan government said at the time.

It should be recalled that in autumn 2005, two Moroccan employees of the embassy were kidnapped by the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda, before being confirmed missing, in a tragedy that caused great shock in the Alawi kingdom.

Bourita’s arrival is also the first visit of a Moroccan foreign minister in 25 years, recalled his Iraqi counterpart, who expressed his intention to visit Morocco in May to boost bilateral relations.

Bourita considered the opening of the embassy in Baghdad as «a historic event», which ratifies his country’s support for the sovereignty and stability of Iraq, in statements reported by the official Iraqi news agency INA.