Ukrainian intelligence estimates that 6,000 Russian military personnel are in Belarus.

Archive – Deployment of Russian anti-aircraft forces in Belarus. – MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA DE RUSIA

Ukrainian Intelligence has indicated Wednesday that some 6,000 Russian military personnel are currently deployed in Belarus, posing a threat to the country in the midst of an invasion of the territory at the hands of Russian forces.

«Today, on the Belarusian territory, the Russian deployment consists of more than 5,800 troops. Another division has moved internally in Russia and is now heading to Ukraine,» said Vadim Skibitsky, a senior Ukrainian intelligence official.

He said that these troops will be deployed in the Lugansk region, in the east of the country, and pointed out that the units are moving there for training, according to the Ukrinform news agency.

«This contingent is totally different (…) There is no aviation component there despite the training. There are no missiles or paratroopers either,» he explained before clarifying that there are several S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems in Belarus.