Lockheed Martin to increase F-16 fighter production in view of possible aircraft supply to Ukraine

Archivo – Un avión Lockheed Martin F-16 – Erwin Scheriau/APA/dpa

Lockheed Martin announced Wednesday that it will increase production of F-16 fighters in view of the possible supply of fighter jets to Kiev in the framework of the upcoming military meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group (UDCG), known as the ‘Ramstein format’, to be held in February.

The company’s chief operating officer, Frank John, in an interview with the Financial Times, also reported by the TASS news agency, has assured that production in Greenville, South Carolina, will be increased in order to replenish stocks in the event that any country chooses to transfer its fighters to a third party.

The UDCG meeting will specifically address the supply of fighter aircraft to Ukraine. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksei Reznikov has already acknowledged on Wednesday that Western fighter jets are the next item on his «wish list» once Germany has unblocked the supply of Leopard battle tanks.

For his part, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba also pointed out on Wednesday that the international community has «new tasks ahead of it» which include the supply of Western fighter jets, new sanctions and the implementation of the Peace Formula proposed by Kiev.