EU estimates more than 1,400 Europeans evacuated from Sudan


The European Union estimates that more than 1,400 European Union nationals have already been repatriated from Sudan as part of ongoing operations to remove civilians from Khartoum, the scene of fighting between the Sudanese Army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

After the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, applauded on Monday the evacuation operations that have allowed the departure of more than a thousand European citizens in planes chartered by Member States, a spokesman for European diplomacy has confirmed to Europa Press the updated figure by which more than 1,400 nationals of EU countries have been able to leave the country.

In total, another eight planes are scheduled for today and tomorrow, taking advantage of the cease-fire agreed between the military organizations that have led the clashes in the Sudanese capital.

The expeditions are organized and executed by the member states of the bloc, while EU diplomacy continues to coordinate efforts and facilitate consular work to bring European citizens who want to leave Sudan to Europe.

HUMANITARIAN WORK SUSPENDED On the humanitarian issue, the EU has acknowledged that it is keeping its operations in Sudan at a standstill due to the instability in the country. Since the EU does not operate as such in Khartoum, and does so through UN agencies and humanitarian organizations, these activities are »temporarily suspended» pending clarification of the situation on the ground.

Most of the humanitarian partners have temporarily suspended their operations in the critical areas for security reasons, which is our main concern at the moment,» said a European spokesman consulted by Europa Press.

Partners are ready to resume their activities and respond to urgent humanitarian needs once the situation allows,» he added.


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