Poland dismantles alleged Russian espionage network in the country: »The threat was real»

Archive – Poland’s Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak – Jaroslav Nov·k/TASR/dpa

Poland’s Intelligence reported Thursday that it has successfully dismantled an alleged Russian espionage network operating in the country, which posed a »real threat» to Polish citizens.

Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said in statements to Polskie Radio that the network has been »uncovered and dismantled». There has been a real threat in Poland. This network was gathering information to benefit those who attack Ukraine and commit war crimes there,» he said.

Sources close to the matter have pointed out that the case has raised the concerns of the Polish government, especially about the security of railway routes and the possibility that agents who were part of this network have placed devices and video cameras on important routes in the country.

»There is no doubt that we live in times when Russia has decided to recreate its empire. It has always been dangerous for Poland, whether in the past or now with Vladimir Putin at the helm,» he said.

Thus, he thanked the secret services for their work and stressed that he has emphasized the »success» of the operations launched. This is a proof that the Polish secret services act in defense of the country’s security in an efficient manner,» he said.