Burma restricts entry of foreigners through the country’s major airports

Archive – Protests against Burma’s military junta in London. – VUK VALCIC / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

Burma’s military junta, which has ruled the country since the February 2021 coup, said Monday that it has restricted foreigners from entering the country through major airports.

Airlines currently operating in Burma have indicated that the restrictions are part of a series of joint measures put in place with Thailand and China to tackle online fraud and gambling rings, usually spearheaded by foreign nationals entering the country irregularly.

Thus, foreigners are prohibited from entering Burmese territory through Rangoon, Naipyido and Myitkyina, among others, unless they manage to obtain prior authorization from the authorities.

»A letter has been sent to us. The restriction targets foreigners entering the country, either those with permanent residency or those coming for business. This restriction is indefinite,» several travel agencies told The Irrawaddy news portal.

Foreigners who are part of embassies, United Nations agencies or non-governmental organizations will have to apply for prior permission from the board.

Criminal networks based in countries such as China and Thailand generally take advantage of the instability the country has been plunged into since the coup, and have moved into Burma on the run from the authorities. Localities in the border areas have thus been affected by an increase in crimes such as kidnapping, theft, drug trafficking and prostitution, among others.


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