New protests in downtown Lima (Peru) leave at least 26 detained and 5 hospitalized

Protests in Peru against President Dina Boluarte’s government – Hector Adolfo Quintanar Perez/ZU / DPA

The streets of Lima, Peru, have once again hosted protests against the government of Dina Boluarte on Saturday night and have so far left 26 people arrested, including a minor, and 5 people injured and hospitalized.

So far, a total of 26 people have been arrested while 24 others have been injured after police clashes with the use of pellets, according to the newspaper ‘La Republica’. For its part, the Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office has confirmed the admission of five people to hospitals, among them a police officer.

The demonstrations began around 15:00 (local time) at Plaza 2 de Mayo and moved towards Alfonso Ugarte Avenue, heading towards Plaza Bolognesi.

As reported by the Peruvian news agency Andina, several groups of demonstrators converged in the area between Lampa Street and Parque Universitario, where the police prevented them from passing to Abanacay Avenue.

The authorities have used tear gas bombs to disperse the demonstrators, which has led to several clashes, as well as on Grau Avenue, where several journalists have reported having been beaten by the police.

These protests take place in the context of social discontent with the presidency of Dina Boluarte, for which they demand her immediate resignation, the dissolution of Congress and the urgent calling of presidential elections. Since then, more than 60 people have lost their lives in the riots between demonstrators and security forces.

On the other hand, the Peruvian Congress yesterday shelved the bill presented by the Peruvian Government to reform the Constitution in order to call general elections for October 2023, all this in view of the Andean Parliament’s blockage to agree on an early election.