Maryland governor upholds abortion law, guarantees treatment for transgender people

File – File image of a banner during a pro-choice demonstration. – Sue Dorfman/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa

The governor of the state of Maryland, Democrat Wes Moore, has ratified Thursday the law that guarantees the right to abortion and protects access to medical treatment for trans people.

In our state, no one should ever have to justify their humanity,» said Moore after giving the final approval to the measure, according to CNN television network.

The measure comes as several Democratic states have moved forward with similar measures in an attempt to protect reproductive and sexual rights, while some Republican-majority states have taken steps in the opposite direction.

While other states are destroying reproductive rights by trying to eliminate the existence of trans and non-binary people, we are doing the opposite,» said the state’s number two, Aruna Miller.

In this sense, she explained that the authorities are trying to turn Maryland into an »inclusive state, which safeguards the rights of everyone». To this end, they have addressed abortion as a »fundamental right» and have expressed that the new measures establish the need to »develop and implement plans for reproductive and sexual care».

Under these regulations, it is forbidden to disseminate information on abortion in order to preserve patient confidentiality. Moora has sent a clear message to the population after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs. Wade ruling, which recognized for the first time the right of women to unrestricted abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy, a legal precedent that has been used in the country since 1973.

»I want to say to all the women out there wondering what will happen, who are worried about the future, that Maryland will always be a safe place for abortion access and rights,» he said.

Although several states, including Minnesota and Colorado, have passed legislation to protect access to medical treatment for trans people, this has become an issue for Republicans.


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