Belgian police arrest seven Islamic State sympathizers planning to attack in Flanders

Archive – A police checkpoint at the border between France and Flanders, Belgium. – Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA/dpa

Police in Belgium have arrested seven Islamic State sympathizers of Chechen nationality who were planning attacks in the West Flanders region after conducting up to nine searches in Rooselare, Menen, Ostend, Wevelgem and Ghent.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police operation, carried out following an investigation led by an anti-terrorist judge in West Flanders, has resulted in seven detainees of Chechen nationality, with three of them having Belgian nationality, the RTBF channel reported.

The seven suspects, some of them on misdemeanor charges, were planning a terrorist attack in the Flanders region, although they had not yet determined the exact location and had no weapons at the time of their arrest.

»The possible charges (they face) are attempted murder, participation in activities of a terrorist group and preparation of a terrorist attack,» the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement, according to the media.


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