Poland denounces migrant attack on patrol on the Belarusian border

Archive – Polish agents supervise the border with Belarus. – Europa Press/Contacto/Attila Husejnow

The Polish Border Guard on Tuesday denounced an attack allegedly perpetrated by migrants trying to cross the border from Belarus against a patrol that was working in the area.

»The Dubica Tserkevna checkpoint, where Polish officers are stationed, has been attacked by a group of men coming from the Belarusian side,» the Border Guard said in a statement released via Twitter. »These foreigners were not happy about the fact that the Polish border is protected,» it has asserted.

In this regard, Polish authorities have warned that at least 89 people tried to illegally enter Poland from Belarus, of which twelve managed to turn back while the rest were detained.

On the other hand, the Border Guard has detained nine people from Syria who crossed the border by crossing a river and 22 others in the area of the Bialowieza forest.

Poland has been facing a serious migration crisis on its border with Belarus since autumn 2021, when thousands of migrants tried to enter the territory. In total there were about 40,000 attempts to illegally enter the country.