Taiwan says prepared for any move by China during president’s visit to U.S.

Archive – Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing Wen – DANIEL CENG SHOU-YI / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

Taiwan authorities have said they are prepared for »any move» by China ahead of President Tsai Ing Wen’s visit to the United States next week.

The Vice Minister of Defense, Po Horng Huei, has thus stressed that the Armed Forces are prepared for the possibility that the Asian giant will carry out military maneuvers taking advantage of Tsai’s absence.

«If we take into account what the Chinese communists have done in the past, we can assess the worst-case scenario,» he said during a press conference, according to CNA television.

In this sense, he affirmed that during Tsai’s visit to the United States and several Central American countries, »contingency plans will be put in place». China, which continues to consider Taiwan as another province under its sovereignty, has recently carried out a series of military exercises in the vicinity of the island.

The United States, for its part, has stressed that »there is no reason» for Beijing to react to Tsai’s trip and has pointed out that such trips are routine. However, the Chinese government has condemned the visit.