Djukanovic and Milatovic to face each other for the Presidency of Montenegro in runoff election

Archive – President of Montenegro, Milo Dukanovic, in a file image. – SIMONE KUHLMEY / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The first official results of the first round of Montenegro’s presidential elections have shown the outgoing president, the pro-European Milo Djukanovic, as the most voted candidate, with 35.3 percent of the votes, followed by the leader of the Europe Now Movement, Jakov Milatovic, who obtained 28.9 percent of the votes.

The second round will thus decide the next president of Montenegro and will be held on April 2. It will then be decided whether Djukanovic will have a third term or whether Milatovic will be his successor.

The candidate of the Democratic Front, Andrija Mandic, was the third choice, with 19 percent of the votes, while Aleksa Becic got 11.3 percent of support. The Social Democratic Party won 3.2 percent of the vote with Draginja Vuksanovic Stankovic, ahead of United Montenegro’s Goran Danilovic’s 1.5 percent.

The turnout was 63.6 percent, or 344,700 citizens eligible to vote. The turnout was higher in the center and north of the country and lower in the south.

From the beginning it was taken for granted that Djukanovic would go to the second round on April 2 and finally he will be accompanied by Milatovic, who has developed a campaign with promises of fight against corruption.