Venezuela denounces that the U.S. imposes a «colonial model» with its sanctions

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro – Zurimar Campos/Prensa Miraflores / DPA

Venezuela has denounced on Thursday that the United States imposes a «colonial model» with the sanctions on the Venezuelan economy, affirming that, in this way, Washington establishes «a kind of world dictatorship».

«A kind of world dictatorship is established. (The United States) is trying to establish a colonial model. Venezuela denounces the colonial model (…) an unacceptable model, because if you produce something, and you sell it to another company, what you expect is that it pays you», emphasized the Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, in statements reported by the portal Últimas Noticias.

Specifically, the Venezuelan president said that the United States is trying to impose its colonial model through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and that in the last nine years more than 900 sanctions have been applied against the country.

«The US applies sanctions and applies that the result of its sanctions is the fault of the sanctioned governments», Maduro stressed, underlining that «Venezuela respects itself and does not accept colonial models on its gas and oil industry, on its economy and on its country».

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan president emphasized that, in order to confront the blockade, his government created the Anti-Blockade Law, which was ratified by the National Assembly to be able to confront «the model of imperialist aggression».

«Our policies are policies to confront aggression, the most brutal war ever experienced, and we have reinvented ourselves on the basis of our deep roots, and we will continue to reinvent ourselves», he said.