China calls on U.S. to end «obsession with containing Beijing» ahead of Blinken visit

File – Chinese President Xi Jinping. – Maurizio Gambarini/dpa

Chinese officials on Wednesday called on the United States to end the «obsession with containing Beijing» ahead of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit scheduled for next week.

«The United States must put an end to this obsession now,» the government has indicated in an editorial published in the state newspaper ‘People’s Daily’ in which it has asked Washington to put aside this type of foreign policy.

In this sense, it has pointed out that the two countries «have differences and have had disputes in the past», something that «should not be an obstacle for the development of the bilateral relationship».

The article calls for avoiding «anti-China» policies and urges US authorities to achieve «common ground in addressing global economic recovery, fighting climate change and tackling geopolitical issues».

Chinese President Xi Jinping himself has repeatedly called for «avoiding a Cold War between the parties, not supporting Taiwan independence and stop working with allies to take action against the country.» «The Taiwanese issue is at the core of China’s interests,» he has pointed out.