NGOs report between 490 and 527 deaths during crackdown on protests in Iran

Archive – Protests in Australia against the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran – AAPIMAGE / DPA

The NGOs Iran Human Rights and Hrana have denounced that between 488 and 527 people have died during the repression of protests over the death in custody of the young Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini in September last year, which triggered the most violent demonstrations of the last decade in the country.

Iran Human Rights denounces in particular that among the dead there are 64 minors and 39 women, and that at least 107 demonstrators are currently at risk of execution, death penalty charges or sentences.

This NGO does not include the dead among the security forces, but Hrana does, which counts 70 Iranian officials among its total death toll of 527.

Iran Human Rights stresses that its statistics do not include the four protesters executed and «those who died in suspicious circumstances, including alleged suicides, shortly after their release».

In this regard, Iran Human Rights takes the opportunity to denounce that at least 55 people have been executed in Iran since January 1 of this year.

Of these, 37 were executed on drug-related charges who, like the protesters, «are tried by the Revolutionary Courts without due process or judicial guarantees,» the NGO denounces.

Hrana adds that some 19,500 people have been arrested since the outbreak of the protests, including 171 under the age of 18. Some 746 protesters have been convicted since the beginning of the demonstrations.

The Iranian authorities have exonerated the security forces of any blame for the death of Amini, who died according to their version due to a previous pathology, although they have recognized certain excesses during the repression of the demonstrations which they have blamed above all on the action of «troublemakers» in the pay of foreign powers.