Canada considers sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine, according to media reports

File – File image of a German Leopard tank. – Ralf Hirschberger/dpa-Zentralbil

The Government of Canada is reportedly considering sending four Leopard tanks to Ukraine, with no decision made at this time, CBC News has learned.

According to the sources consulted by the aforementioned media, Justin Trudeau’s Executive could announce the shipment of the battle tanks this Thursday. The package in question would include the oldest variant of the Canadian Army’s inventory, which Ottawa purchased from the Netherlands during the war in Afghanistan.

Trudeau indicated hours earlier that his cabinet would provide further support to Ukraine, despite his refusal to join his allies in announcing a donation of tanks.

«We will continue to be there to provide whatever support we can to Ukraine,» Trudeau said. «I won’t make an announcement today, but I can tell you that we are looking very, very closely at what more we can do to support Ukraine,» he added.

Canada would thus join a number of Western countries, such as Germany or Spain, which have announced the dispatch of such tanks, after strong pressure and numerous requests from senior Ukrainian officials.