Switzerland joins EU in issuing its ninth sanctions package against Russia over Ukraine invasion

Russian President Vladimir Putin. – Ilya Pitalev/Kremlin/dpa

Switzerland has followed in the wake left by the European Union recently and issued on Wednesday the same sanctions as Brussels in its ninth package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

Among them are sanctions on 200 individuals and entities, the same sanctions the EU launched last December 16 against Russia for its «continued actions destabilizing and undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and security of Ukraine,» the Swiss government statement said.

The ninth package of Swiss sanctions contains bans on services in the areas of consumer, advertising and market research, as well as restrictions on the export of various goods, including those of a military and technological, defense and security nature, or that contribute to the improvement of Russian industrial capacity.

Likewise, exports of goods for the aerospace industry will be prohibited, in order to hinder the construction of new aircraft and drones for military purposes, as well as new investments in the mining sector.

With regard to the arms embargo, Switzerland retains the right to grant exemptions for equipment intended for mine clearance in Ukraine. In the case of export licenses, the authorities will be able to monitor that the equipment is used legally and for the intended purpose.