Pro-Russian authorities in Donetsk point to new developments around Bajmut

Archive – Rocket truck near Bajmut – Celestino Arce Lavin/ZUMA Press / DPA

Pro-Russian authorities in the Donetsk region have reported new developments around the locality of Bajmut, where clashes are being recorded between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the framework of the invasion of the country.

The governor of the area, Denis Pushilin, has indicated that fighting is taking place «on the outskirts of Bakhmut» after the Wagner Group announced to have under control the town of Klischivka, south of Bakhmut and of vital importance for the Russian troops.

«There are very tough hostilities and we are advancing towards Bajmut. The units, in particular the Wagner Group, are advancing on their own. Fighting is already taking place in the vicinity, in areas that until recently were in enemy hands,» he pointed out, as reported by the TASS news agency.

Pushilin also explained that the Russian forces are working to «cut the supply lines to the Ukrainian troops in the area» and warned that Kiev is still «deploying troops» in the direction of Bakhmut to recover from the «heavy losses».