Halliburton earns 1.446 billion in 2022, up 7.9 percent

File – Halliburton offices in Houston, Texas. – HALLIBURTON

U.S. hydrocarbon specialist Halliburton posted a net profit of $1.572 billion (€1.446 billion) in 2022 as a whole, 7.9 percent higher than in 2021.

Revenues, meanwhile, were $20.297 billion (€18.676 billion), up 32.7 percent.

Profits for the fourth quarter were 656 million dollars (604 million euros), 25.6 percent lower year-on-year.

Quarterly revenues were 30.5 percent higher than in 2021, at 5.582 billion dollars (5.136 billion euros).

«Halliburton’s excellent performance is a clear result of the implementation of our strategic priorities,» said Jeff Miller, Halliburton CEO and president.