The agreed corridor has already facilitated the export of 13 million tons of grain from Ukraine.

Merchant ship passing under the bridge of the Kerch Strait, in Uncrania. – XINHUA / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The Turkish Defense Ministry reported Sunday that the grain export agreement has already enabled the export of more than 13 million tons from Ukrainian ports.

A total of 524 vessels have been able to transit the Black Sea following the agreement brokered by Turkey. «Grain shipments from Ukrainian ports continue. The amount of grain transported exceeds thirteen million tons,» the Turkish Defense Ministry has stressed through a message posted on Twitter.

The agreement reached on July 22 by Russia and Ukraine mediated by the UN and Turkey has allowed the resumption of grain transit from three Ukrainian ports after months of blockade amid the war.

However it is not a bilateral agreement, but an agreement between Ukraine on the one hand and Turkey and the UN on the other and a second mirror agreement signed between Russia and Turkey and the UN.

The text enables the export of grain and fertilizers from Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhne on ships that will be inspected by Turkey and then transit through the authorized corridors. Russia in return can export foodstuffs, fertilizer and raw materials under an agreement signed with the UN.