ANC denies that it has proposed an immediate withdrawal of South Africa from ICC

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The African National Congress (ANC) has denied Tuesday that it has proposed an »immediate» withdrawal of South Africa from the International Criminal Court (ICC) following statements by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on the court’s impartiality.

»A wrong impression has been created that a categorical decision on an immediate withdrawal (from the ICC) could have been taken,» he said in a statement, adding that this possibility would be given only as a »last resort».

The NCA has detailed in this text that the body has discussed in a press conference the option of revitalizing the Malabo protocol, as well as the need to »amend the national legislation» with respect to the legal procedures on the Rome Statute.

Ramaphosa has previously claimed that the ANC is in favor of South Africa breaking away from the ICC directly. The party, he said, believes it is the »prudent thing to do,» claiming that the Hague-based court allegedly has biased positions on certain issues.

The South African president, who received his Finnish counterpart, Sauli Niinisto, previously assured that the position of his government has always been »very clear» in relation to the war in Ukraine and defends that »conflicts are solved through negotiations», a »lesson» that he said he has drawn from Nelson Mandela.

South Africa will host in August the summit of BRICS leaders, which brings together Russia, among other countries. Putin’s possible attendance has already begun to generate debate, given that the South African authorities would theoretically be obliged to detain the Russian leader by virtue of the commitments subscribed to in the Rome Statute.


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