French government pulls immigration reform out of Macron’s 100-day plan to defuse tensions

Elisabeth Borne, primera ministra de Francia – Europa Press/Contacto/Vincent Isore

The Prime Minister of France, Elisabeth Borne, has outlined on Wednesday the roadmap of the »one hundred days of appeasement» promised by the President, Emmanuel Macron, to calm the tensions arising from the pension reform, with measures in the labor, education or health field but not in immigration, since the text on this issue is relegated to autumn for lack of support.

Macron announced after the promulgation of the controversial pension reform that he would introduce initiatives in different areas, with July 14 as deadline. These are »concrete solutions» to bring positions closer together with various sectors, in the words of Borne, who has promised actions that »will change the lives» of the French.

The Prime Minister did not give details either, arguing that the exact wording of each proposal will depend on future negotiations, but in the labor field she has outlined a re-foundation of the public employment service and has advocated a »new pact for life at work», to share benefits or to favor the employability of the elderly.

On the economic level, he has also proposed to maintain efforts to contain the rise in electricity prices or a »green industry» law that will see the light in mid-May, while the Government wants to take measures in the digital environment to prevent scams and limit the access of minors to pornographic content.

The proposals advanced by Borne include nods to the right, for example to combat insecurity, but the reform that in theory is called to change France’s migration policy will have to wait. »There is no majority to vote on the text,» the prime minister admitted.

The parties that directly support Macron do not have an absolute majority in the National Assembly, as was evident in the case of the pension reform, and the Republicans, the party of the traditional right, has not supported for now the plan proposed by the Executive on immigration.

Borne has stressed that »the fight against illegal immigration is a priority of the Government», but given that »it is not the time to launch a debate on a subject that could divide the country», it is already working as autumn as an approximate time to move forward on this issue. Macron already advanced in a recent interview that he wants »a single text» that brings together all the changes.


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