Rescue ship ‘Sea Watch 4’ disembarks more than 100 migrants in Italy

Archive – Migrants rescued by the ship ‘Sea Watch 4’. – MSF/HANNAH WALLACE BOWMAN

The rescue ship ‘Sea Watch 4’ has managed to disembark 105 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea at a port in the Italian city of Naples on Tuesday, according to the German organization Sea Watch.

The volunteers, who rescued the migrants last week in two operations in the central Mediterranean, have indicated that on board the vessel were also the remains of two migrants and that a third has died after being transferred to a hospital.

The NGO has indicated that the Italian government had first ordered the rescue vessel to take the migrants to the port of Pesaro, on the Adriatic coast. However, the captain expressed his refusal and the authorities finally allowed the docking to take place in Naples.

The organization has thus accused Rome of «prolonging the suffering» of the people since it would have been quicker to disembark in Sicily.

In the central Mediterranean alone 55 people have died so far this year, according to estimates by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The year 2022 closed with at least 1,385 fatalities in this same area, although the real figure would be higher given that there are cases that are never recorded.