DuPont earns 5.42 billion euros in 2022, down 10.3%.

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The U.S. chemical company DuPont posted a net attributable profit of $5.798 billion (€5.42 billion) in 2022 as a whole, a 10.3 percent contraction compared with earnings of $6.467 billion (€6.046 billion) in 2021.

As for revenues, these stood at 13.017 billion dollars (12.169 billion euros) last year, representing an increase of 3.6 percent compared to the previous year’s turnover of 12.566 billion dollars (11.747 billion euros).

Of the total turnover, 45.5 percent came from the Industrial and Electronics Division, a similar proportion to the 45.8 percent generated by the Water and Security Division. The corporate division generated 8.7 percent or had other origins.

For the fourth quarter of the year, net profit reached 4,156 million dollars (3,885 million euros), compared to a positive balance of 204 million dollars (190.7 million euros) a year earlier, which represents a more than twenty-fold increase in profits.

Meanwhile, quarterly revenues were 3,104 million dollars (2,902 million euros), a drop of 4.4 percent compared to revenues of 3,246 million dollars (3,035 million euros) in 2021.

«For the first quarter of 2023, we expect continued weakness in a consumer-driven, short-cycle market, leading to a single-digit sales decline compared to the same period last year,» warned Lori Koch, DuPont’s CEO.