Uganda’s Parliament Approves Law Targeting LGBTI Community

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Uganda’s parliament on Tuesday approved the controversial proposed anti-LGBTI law following requests from the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, who had sent the measure back to parliament for review.

After a near unanimous vote — with only one MP voting against — the measure has passed and will now have to be signed or vetoed by Museveni.

The Speaker of the House, Annet Anita Among, has announced the passage of the bill and stated that »we have a culture to protect, the West will not rule in Uganda,» reports the Daily Monitor.

The changes imply that only »acts» or »promotion» of homosexual activities will be penalized and not the sexual orientation itself, as requested by the president, changes that will not silence the criticism of international human rights organizations, which have spoken out against the measure.

On the other hand, they have not made another of the changes requested by the president, who asked to review the punishment of the crime of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ -when it involves minors or there are family ties-, which will remain as a capital crime with possible death penalty.

A section that punished with up to six months in prison those who do not notify the authorities of alleged acts of homosexuality has been eliminated, and the penalties of up to 20 years in prison for »promoting homosexuality» have been maintained.

The law, which also prosecutes journalists, filmmakers or companies considered responsible for any form of promoting homosexuality, has received all kinds of international criticism, but both Museveni and the Parliament have made it clear that they will not make decisions based on these opinions.


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