US police find in Texas two migrants dead and 13 others on the verge of suffocation crammed into a boxcar

Archive – Migration into the United States through the Mexican border – Europa Press/Contacto/David Peinado

Two migrants have died and 13 others have had to receive emergency medical attention due to shortness of breath when they ended up crammed into a train car in eastern Uvalde County, Texas.

Police acted after receiving an unidentified caller who informed officers of the migrants’ presence in the car at around 3:30 p.m. local time on Friday. Officers then gave the train a stop order about five kilometers from the town of Knippa.

The mayor of Uvalde, Don McLaughlin, confirmed to the Texas affiliate of U.S. public broadcaster NPR that the train was detained for three hours in the afternoon heat, a factor that would have aggravated the already critical situation of the migrants.

The Uvalde Police statement, published on its Facebook page, describes the occupants of the car as »undocumented migrants». Ten of the survivors had to be hospitalized with a guarded prognosis, medical sources added to the US public broadcaster NPR.

The train travels along Highway 90, a route between the border town of Del Rio and San Antonio that has become a favorite route for human smugglers from the southern US border.