Russia plans to produce 1,500 battle tanks later this year as part of the invasion of Ukraine

File – Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev – -/Kremlin/dpa

Former Russian president and current deputy chairman of the country’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said Thursday that Russia plans to produce another 1,500 tanks later this year to confront Ukrainian forces in the framework of the invasion of the territory.

»Our enemies think that our industry will choke, that we will spend everything and run out of resources,» he asserted before stressing that »this year alone 1,500 tanks will be produced,» Interfax news agency reported.

In this sense, he regretted that the international community is »trying to reduce the imports of materials» and pointed out that »they keep pointing out that Russia is running out of weapons», something he rejected.

Medvedev also maintained that Russia is manufacturing its own drones although he admitted that »there has been a lack of such devices for a while». He also stressed that Russia has weapons that are as good or better than those of the West. »The most important thing now is to produce all this in the necessary quantities and to start this production as soon as possible,» he said.

In this regard, he emphasized that it is »strategic nuclear weapons that guarantee Russia’s protection». If it were not for that, we would have been reduced to pieces by now,» he pointed out.

On the other hand, he warned that a possible arrest of the president, Vladimir Putin, following the order issued by the International Criminal Court would be a »declaration of war» against Russia, which would provoke the launching of missiles.

»If there were a hypothetical arrest in Germany, for example, we would launch missiles against the Chancellor’s own office and the German Parliament,» he threatened.