Denmark – Unidentified object found next to one of the Nord Stream pipelines

File – Map showing the locations of the four gas leaks detected in Nord Stream 1 and 2 between September 26 and 29. – Europa Press

The Danish Foreign Ministry reported Wednesday that an unidentified object has been found in the vicinity of the area where explosions occurred in September 2022 that caused leaks in Nord Stream pipelines 1 and 2.

The authorities have specified that the object in question was located near the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been informed, according to the newspaper ‘Helsingin Sanomat’.

The Danish government’s announcement comes after Putin reported that the Russian gas company Gazprom had found an object »similar to an antenna» about three kilometers from where the explosions occurred, which could have been used to receive the signal to detonate the explosives.

Now, the company has updated the Danish authorities, who own the pipelines. The authorities have monitored the area and found that there is no imminent risk to safety or navigation in the area,» the Danish Ministry said.

Thus, the Danish authorities have granted permission to the company to carry out a series of investigations into the damage caused by the explosions, a case that is still unresolved and that has set off all the alarms in Europe.