Ukrainian intelligence claims energy infrastructure no longer targeted by Russia

Kiev’s Independence Square at night – Sergei Chuzavkov / Zuma Press / Contactophoto

The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky, has assured that, with the end of winter, the Russian Armed Forces will from now on focus their attacks on other points, and not on the energy infrastructure.

During the last months of 2022, Russian troops intensified their offensive on this type of facilities, which caused alarm bells to ring in Ukraine about the possibility of having to face a harsh winter without the ideal energy conditions. However, Kiev now claims to have won this battle, Ukrinform reports.

This is thanks to our energy companies, the Armed Forces and air defense forces, as well as to the coordinated work of all ministries and departments,» said Skibitsky, who believes that Russia will now focus its attacks on »military facilities, troop concentration points or the logistics system».

However, the Ukrainian senior official stressed that this does not mean that Russia will completely abandon offensives on energy infrastructure, as oil refineries, the industrial complex or hydro-technical and water treatment facilities will certainly continue to be Russian targets.

Attacks by the Russian Armed Forces on electrical, water supply or heating facilities have been recurrent in recent months, during which many Ukrainian cities have had to deal with sub-zero temperatures and dark nights. Continuous arms and economic aid granted by the Ukrainian allies have also included electric generators.