Denmark delays plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda pending EU support

Archivo – La primera ministra de Dinamarca, Mette Frederiksen – Thibault Savary/Le Pictorium Age / DPA

The Danish government announced Wednesday that it has decided to postpone for the time being its plan to send asylum seekers arriving on Danish territory to Rwanda, pending the support of the European Union to move forward with this measure.

The Minister of Migration, Kaare Dybv, has indicated that although the coalition government, elected in November, has different opinions on how to handle the issue, it is committed to the matter.

However, he confirmed that negotiations on the establishment of a detention center in Rwanda are not taking place at the moment even though it was one of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s main plans prior to the last elections held last November.

However, the left-wing parties supporting the government have been against this measure. The Danish Parliament passed a law in June 2021 making it possible to have detention centers for asylum seekers in third countries.

This would allow authorities to send asylum seekers to non-EU countries while they wait for their applications to be processed in Denmark. The country has thus joined the United Kingdom, which was the first to announce the sending of migrants to Rwanda while applications are being processed, although the measure has raised controversy and so far no transfers have been carried out.